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James David West is a Film, Theatre, and TV actor and producer known for portraying dark, emotionally charged characters. His dark set eyes and grounded demeanor lend well to capturing characters with troubled pasts navigating compromising and precarious situations. The perfect show for him would be "The Boys" (*cough*cough*).

JDW started his acting career at age 30 in Community Theatre, which led to several lead roles in local productions. He realized quickly that he had a natural ability to portray believable characters, soon after beginning his journey into the film side of the industry while furthering his education in acting and auditioning techniques. He has been described as being "method," though he feels that every actor has a method and what matters is how things look through the camera lens.

Most recently, he has been cast as the lead in the feature films "The Legend of Lake Hollow" and "God Country," and will be seen in the upcoming RomCom "Christmas At The Ranch" sharing scenes with named star Lindsay Wagner. He has several other projects in the works, be it acting in or taking on the producer role.

(The video on the right/bottom will be my Acting Reel once I finish cutting it together. In the meantime, click "Acting Clips" to see my individual clips.)

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  1. Audrey • 2021 (filming)
    Oliver - Supporting

    A horrific massacre leaves the town's wealthiest family dead, with only one survivor to tell the story. Pinned against the clock, Detectives Ramos and Collins are pushed to crack the case before the story can hit the morning papers.

  2. Christmas At The Ranch • 2021 (post production)
    Bert Jr. - Supporting

    When Haley Hollis returns to her family ranch to try and save it from closure, she wasn't banking on spending so much time with ranch hand Kate - or falling for her.

  3. The Legend of Lake Hollow • 2021 (filming)
    Mark Wallace - Lead

    A group of friends at a remote lakeside cabin find themselves in a deadly nightmare when trail cameras on the property reveal they are surrounded by more than just Mother Nature.

  4. God Country • 2021 (filming)
    Ben Marsh - Lead

    A young man, with a traumatic upbringing, is forced home by a family tragedy only to find himself embattled with local religious extremists.

  5. These Streets We Haunt • 2021 (released)
    Clint - Supporting

    Marcus, an artist who's lost his zeal for life, rents out his spare room to a young woman he begins to suspect is a comic book villain.

  6. Strange Enough (Short Film) • 2021 (released)
    Doctor Strange - Lead

    When a mysterious "Doctor" is caught stealing an artifact he donated to a museum, it's up to the Assistant DA to decide if he is crazy, or crazy like a fox.

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