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James David West

Actor of modern film and theatre

A Little About Me

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I’m David. David West. James David West. James D. West. JD West. JDW. DW. Mr. West.

I’m an actor. Yeah, that sounds pretty generic. But it’s actually quite an amazing thing. I get to go to places mentally and physically that we otherwise choose in our daily lives to stray away from.

Imagine if you were “allowed” to go to those vulnerable places. Imagine if you didn’t have to “hold back” those MOUNTAINS of emotions that have been just waiting there, building up an insurmountable amount of pressure that you've felt day in and day yet not allowed to show anyone. And now imagine the feeling you get when you are finally able to release that pressure, allowing yourself to fully embrace those feelings and bring them right front and center.

I get to do that.


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